Saturday, 14 June 2014

Summer Sunglasses 2014

Summer has come sooner than expected, and my quest to find the best summer accessory has begun.
Not only do accessories complete an outfit, they often are really practical, yet change like the wind due to the latest trend.

One which I’ve always been a fan of, are these fabulous frames. Whether you prefer shades with a statement, such as Versace’s oversized designs; or something with a more chic retro feel, for example Kite's vintage eye-wear designs, sunglasses definitely are a chic addition to any beach outfit.
Versace Studs- Lady Gaga
Left: KITE Abbey Mineral Translucent
Right: KITE Abbey Yellow
But the ultimate selfie accessory are mirror sunglasses; they are pretty self-explanatory and work as a one-way mirror, giving the wearer’s vision a brown or grey tint.
They come in multiple, often metallic colours and are definitely my favourite glasses on the market.

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