Monday, 15 September 2014

Cynthia Rowley Launches New Active-Wear Collection

Cynthia Rowley launches her new collection- a line of elevated active-wear.

Despite the fact that the active-wear-as-ready-wear category is crowded, this collection really sets itself apart, featuring classy metallic accents, mod prints and monotone sneaker sandals.

 The pieces mainly include track-jackets, exquisite one-pieces and other elements of an extremely chic workout gear.

Cynthia tells “the lines are blurred between ready-to-wear and active-wear now.” She continues- “all the major stores that never had these clothes on the floor are carving out space for them.” 

The trend certainly isn’t diminishing, for sporty pieces were sight several times during New York Fashion Week.  “It’s a different way to get excited. Active-wear hasn’t really been thought about in terms of ‘collections,’” explains Rowley to “I felt like no one was approaching it with the same mind-set, but this is how people dress.”  

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