Monday, 7 July 2014

When Finding A Chic Backpack

My previous shopping trip was on the weekend, and it was a reckless hunt to find a stylish backpack. I needed something not too heavy, yet an item spacious enough to hold all of my essential’s without overfilling.

First stop was to PINK Victoria’s Secret, as the ‘hipster bag’ trend has caught my eye everywhere and I really adored the style, as well as the prints were really chic and fun.

Victoria's Secret backpack
Unfortunately they had sold out, and I found out there was a slim chance of them re-stocking this design in the future due to a more popular type of backpack. Which do you prefer?

Victoria's Secret new backpacks

Next I went to New Look, where I purchased a super cute, super versatile white Aztec backpack.  It was reduced to £14.99 from £19.99 and is definitely my favourite casual fashionable bag at the moment, perfect for days out travelling.

My purchase from New Look

New Look white Aztec backpack

One thing which really attracted me to it was the colour scheme. The classic monotone of black and white goes well with pretty much any outfit, and is hard to get wrong.

Comment below your thoughts!   : )


  1. I'm surprised that Victoria Secret has all those cool backpacks! Not the first I would imagine to have such fun designs. Love the Aztec one you picked up! :)

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