Monday, 16 June 2014

Jessie J's Short Pink Suit

Jessie J arrived at One Embankment for the Esquire & DKNY MEN official opening night for London Collections: Men.

She wore a pastel pink jacket and shorts with a sheer blouse, revealing her white, lacy bra underneath. Her outfit was designed by DKNY.

Jessie J and Chloe Green at the event.

I adore her shoes- a pair of chic white sandals, to show off her cute matching pedicure as she joined Chloe Green (Topshop heiress) at the event.

I think Jessie’s makeup is beautiful, and the suit itself it gorgeous, but the shorts could have been tailored a bit better and also I feel a chic, slick ponytail would have been really stunning, however her bob is also very fashionable.

This look takes me back to spring 2012, when short suits hit the runways.

Caroline Flack also wore a pink suit from Topshop in summer of 2012 too.

Caroline Flack
Topshop two piece suit

What do you think of the look? Comment below :)

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