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Eyes: What Eye-shadow Suits You

What Eye-shadow Suits You?

Eyes are the most distinguishing things on your face, and therefore you should always pick an eye-shadow that will accentuate them.

Some people may make a mistake which causes their makeup to not look quite right, by using a colour that clashes with their skin-tone or is the exact same shade as their eyes or their outfit.

Here are some tips to help choose the right eye-shadow makeup for you.

Eye Colour

One main factor that comes into play is your eye-colour. 
Most makeup artists discourage the use of eye-shadow that is of identical tone to your eye’s, as this dulls them and does not add any extra charm. However if the colour is lighter/darker than your eyes or blended with other colours it can still look nice.

Brown Eyes: Brown eyed people are often considered lucky in this regard because most shades suit brown eyes. From olive, violet, amber, sapphire to gold, experiment and see which one works the best for you.

Hazel Eyes: Purple, warm brown, nude, gold, bronze or greens such as emerald and olive often look the best for people with hazel eyes.

Blue Eyes: For people with blue eyes I would recommend orange, dark brown, peach, pink, wine or gray/silver.

Green Eyes: Various shades of purple such as lilac, violet to plum, neutral colours or gold suits people with green eyes best.

Skin tone

Skin tones are usually divided into two categories, warm skin tone and cool skin tone.

Warm Skin Tone: People with more of a warm skin tone should experiment more with colours like peach, orange, bronze and yellow.

Cool Skin Tone: Lavender, dark greens, sapphire, rose and gray look great on people with a cooler complexion.

Hair Colour

Black/Brown: Again, brunettes have an advantage because most eye-shadow colours suit them. From dark browns and black to neutral colours such as beige to lighter tones of green and yellow, all work superbly.

Blonde: Pastel shades of pink, blue, gray and green or black or gold suit blondes.

Red: As people with red hair have quite an intense colour, they could try black, golds and greens (olive is especially stunning) to find their perfect eye-shadow colour.

Remember the tips above are just suggestions, don’t limit your creativity to the colours above. There are no rules in makeup and these are just guidelines to help you decide which colours are most effective on you :).

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