Friday, 13 June 2014

How To Spice Up A Boring Ponytail

Chic as they are, ponytails have always been a practical, stylish way to tie up ones hair. Whether it’s to get hair out of your eyes or the solution to a bad hair, ponytails aren’t just for the gym! However a basic ponytail can seem boring, here are some ways to spice up a simple ponytail.

1.Wrap It
I’m not always suggesting dramatic changes, for example, take a strand of hair out of the ponytail. Wrap this piece around the top of your ponytail, or until the hairband is hidden. Finnish by securing in place with a hairclip.

Wrap it

2.Plait It
You don’t have to directly plait the ponytail. Try the French Plait Ponytail, this starts as a French plait but when you reach the nape, tie it with elastic, instead of carrying on the braid. Or plait two simple braids, either side of your head just above your ear, before tying it into the ponytail.
French Plait Ponytail

Braid into ponytail
3.Volumize it
Divide your hair into two sections (one at the front, one at the back) and tie the back section into a ponytail. Then with the front section, backcomb from mid-lengths to the roots until the hair stands on end . For any bird’s nest side effects, go over this section with a brush to lightly smooth it down. Finally undo you original pony and re-tie it, but this time adding the section you just back-brushed.
Give it volume
4.Texturize it
Add texture by curling the ends of your ponytail with your favourite curling wand, or crimp the hair if you’re aiming for a frizzy effect.

Curl it
Crimp it

 What's your favorite?

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