Thursday, 12 June 2014

Kelly & Sharon Osbourne Limited Edition MAC Cosmetics

The fabulous mother and daughter duo, Kelly and Sharon has joined forces with MAC cosmetics in their new, two-part collection, including makeup for eyes, face and lips.

Kelly’s collection is inspired by her lilac locks, with pastel shades ranging in hues of lavender. The packaging encases her collection in a purple palette also. There are more nude shades for lips as well, and opposing dark eye tones.

Kelly's range encompasses a collection of some vibrant, some pastel hues and makeup tools for eyes, face and lips. 
It includes 'Bloody brilliant quad eye-shadow' in four tints of fresh purple, awesome lipstick in shades of bright pink, orange and lavender, and soft pink and beige 'Skinfish duo highlights' that really brightens and polishes complexion.

Whereas Sharon has a more warm collection, with reds and browns. This range is housed in limited-edition packaging also, but in Sharon’s signature red.

Her cosmetic line features more feminine colors, as well as makeup tools. For example four eye-shadows in warm bronze and nude, and a subtle 'Lipglass' and 'Patentpolish Lip pencil' in elegant shades of rose and caramel.

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