Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Borrowed From The Boys Looks

Typical beauty is not always associated with girly prints and sparkling dresses. 
And in casual-wear-for the most part, I definitely tend to lean towards the more tom-boy approach; featuring over-sized jackets, bulky boots and loose, laid-back jeans. 
Here are some of my favourite ‘borrowed from the boys’ looks.

  Oversized Denim Jacket

Dating back to the 80s, the oversized feature adds a modern twist to the classic jacket. Often the perfect addition to a monotone outfit, I’ve been seeing these jackets everywhere; from on celebrity’s backs to high-street shop windows- they are definitely chic.

Khaki Camouflage Jacket

Pair it with some dark shades and bright lips and you’ll certainly define army chic. This jacket is usually the star of the outfit, so normally I would wear fairly basic styles to go along side it,as to not look overrated or silly.

Boyfriend Cuffed Jeans

The sudden blitz of stars wearing boyfriend jeans certainly caught my attention, and I had to try a pair. Not only are these extremely comfortable, they are great for cooler summer weather, and look super cute. The new three quarter length gives the denim a more interesting vibe, as well as, it allows you to show off your favourite pair of shoes.

Comment below your thoughts! :)


  1. I love boyfriend jeans, definitely my favourite item at the moment, good post!