Monday, 25 May 2015

Fashion Designer For Wheelchair Users- Lucy Jones- Wins Womenswear Designer of the Year of Class 2015

Lucy Jones, aged 23, won the Womenswear Designer of the Year of Class 2015 at the New York Parsons School of Design's annual fashion benefit.

Her designs are inspired by her cousin, Jake, who has a condition which means half his body is paralysed. This makes even the simplest of tasks challenging, such as putting on clothes.

Mrs Jones said "I realised that we, in the fashion industry, need to create more accessible solutions in clothing." 

Her carefully constructed designs feature sharp pleating that gives a sporty vibe. The heavy use of a monochromatic palette highlights the interesting textures, such as ribbed cotton for shirting.

She began designing clothes for people with disabilities in 2012, and worked alongside a women who has multiple sclerosis and limited mobility.

Some of the most complex problems arose in designing a comfortable trouser fit. For standard pairs are too short at the ankles, and too low at the back. 

Furthermore kneecaps change shape when bent, hence the additional fabric at the back of the knee was removed, in order for the trouser legs to fall flat. She also accounted for uncomfortable fabric bunching around the crotch, due to the spreading of thighs when seated.

For tops she reinforced elbows as they are constantly leaning on armrests. As well as expanded the fit around the shoulders for more developed muscles.

"I am thrilled to be named Designer of the Year. Having this accolade from a leading world-wide design school is amazing and I am hoping this will help further my career in design - I can't wait to see what the future holds," Lucy said.

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