Sunday, 8 February 2015

Makeup How-To: Bronze Smokey Eye

Light-browns, coppers and bronzes make for a look that is as glamorous as it is versatile and can easily transform from day to night.
Bronze eye-shadow suits every eye color and works equally well with either a bold or neutral lip, depending on the occasion and choice of outfit.

1.  Firstly sweep a medium-bronze eye shadow from lash line to crease and gently blend the edges. 

2.  Then, in one thick swipe apply this color underneath the lash line.

3.  Eye-shadow actually lasts longer when applied with a dampened brush. So with a damp eyeliner brush, apply a brown shadow liner before blending upwards. 

4. Use the same brown shadow liner under the lash line in thin swipes.

5.  To make your eyes pop, darken the lash line by using a black eye-shadow liner and blend in an upwards direction with the same damp brush.

6. Do this with the underneath lash line as well.

7. Dab a copper colored eye-shadow, a few tones lighter than the bronze one, across the eyelid to soften the look and add a shimmery dimension.

8. Trace your eye very lightly and blend in the matte shadow. Do this by outlining the existing shadow with your favorite matte brown, starting from the inner corner and travelling all the way around the eye. This really adds depth and smokiness to the look.

9.  For contrast, highlight the inner corner of your eye with a gold makeup pencil just inside the matte brown shadow.

10. Apply a double coat of the best mascara.

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