Monday, 1 December 2014

Some Gorgeous Ways To Wear The Half Up Half Down Hairstyle Trend

Half-up hairdos have become extremely popular, and are currently one of my favorite hairstyles. They manage to secure my hair out of my eyes whilst creating a super chic look, and to be honest: what's not to love?
Here are 10 gorgeous hair DIY's, which can easily be achieved when you follow these few, simple steps below.
Whether you have a formal occasion, or are just searching for a fresh look for school, half up hairstyles are a perfect option. Sweeping the top portion of your hair back, they allow you to keep some length around your face whilst still obtaining shape and structure by having it pinned.
Scroll down to possibly find your next favorite hairstyle, which can be made in minutes! 

Half Up Half Down Bow Hairstyle Tutorial

Inside Out Half Up Half Down Braid

Spiral Half Updo Tutorial

Half Up Half Down Twisted Tutorial

Half Up Half Down Braid Tutorial

Kate Middleton Inspired Twisted Half Up Hairstyle

The Ultimate Half Up Half Down Waterfall Braid 

Vintage Half Up Hairstyle Tutorial

Simply Classic Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Tres Chic Half Up Hairstyle Tutorial

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