Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Tattoo Socks: The New Type Of Stocking In Town

Just the other day I was shopping around with some friends, when a particular item of hosiery caught my eye.

These printed tights are more commonly known as tattoo socks, and I wish more people around start wearing them because they are too cute.  

 Some pairs have quite an interesting and artsy feel about them which I completely adore; depending on whether you’re all for the sweet cartoon prints of Totoro, or favour a more mysterious design- there is no denying that the style is new and fresh.

You might question- what’s the purpose of this sock illusion, why not just wear knee high socks? But if socks were the case some of the designs simply wouldn’t stay up or be perfectly lined. 
Plus stocking are quite heavy and are not particularly appropriate for an easy breezy spring/summer day.

Perfect for adding modesty to a harsh mini-skirt, a fun addition to a chic ensemble or simply to show off a great pair of legs- I definitely recommend them!

Comment your thoughts! :)

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