Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Phone Accessories

 Due to modern society and the discovery of new inventions, the number of hours one spends on their phone is usually quite large and is counted more or less anywhere; from train stations to the comfort of your own home- phones are absolutely everywhere.

One key feature of the cell-phone, has got to be its case. Ranging in thousands of colours and styles, it’s often hard to pick out the perfect case- with so many options, yet for only one device.

Not only are they used for practicality, they also hint at the bearer of the phone’s personality. Whether it be a customised collage of favourite bands, a pink glittery fare or just a cool Aztec skin, they are definitely a chic characteristic to any mobile.

Another accessory, that I can’t get enough of, are these super cute phone charms.  Once again in plentiful variations, I have recently purchased a gorgeous silver sparkly charm that is a perfect addition and goes with the case nicely. 

I must recommend these charms, they’re really quite sweet, and jazz up any mobile- especially if you don’t favor the case as much.

Comment your thoughts! :)

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