Monday, 9 June 2014

PLAYSUITS: Formal vs Informal

Typically a shorter version of a jumpsuit, the playsuit first became popular and more glamorous in the seventies.It is normally made from silky fabrics and is perfect for evening or day-time wear.

Often made from light fabric that is extremely appropriate for hot, sunny days. The playsuit normally exposes quite a lot of skin, which is great for gaining a tan; however you might develop a chill in the more cooler months.  Festival season is soon approaching, and I recommend wearing a playsuit, perhaps under a kimono jacket or accessorized with some jewellery.
Left: £12
Middle: £12
Right: £10

Yet playsuits are not just for breezy summer days, they are perfect for teens’; ranging in multiple evening events such as house parties or more elegant affairs. Pair it with a gorgeous shoe (a clunky heel will do the trick) and you’ll be the most fashionable girl at the event!
Left: £20
Middle: £20
Right: £20
But what do you think, formal or informal, which is best?

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  1. Formal definitely, you can always dress it down. It way harder to dress up an informal playsuit :)