Saturday, 28 June 2014

How to Customize School Uniform

School uniform is a dull and often boring matter, and whether you've got your eye on a cute boy at school, or are just desperate for a change, here are some ways to freshen up the look and add your personal style, despite being in school.


How far you can customize your uniform depends on how strict your school dress-code is, so don’t go too overboard and risk detention! 

Taking out your old laces for more colourful ones can brighten up the outfit and make it seem more fresh. Most teachers won’t notice if you bend the rules as to which socks to wear; patterns are fun and the lace collection from Topshop is very chic

Probably one of the easier ways to jazz a boring look is to change up your hair. Experiment with different styles or accessorise. Try anything from classic clips to neon scrunchies to beaded hairbands, whatever suits you.


Replace the original, yet dull buttons with something a bit more vibrant.  And if you do get caught, at least you have the excuse ‘my buttons fell off, these were the only ones I could find’.

Sizes and style

Most schools don’t insist on you wearing a particular length or size- as long as it’s within reason. For example, if you prefer loose clothes opt for a slightly larger blazer so it hangs in a baggy, casual style.

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